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Portfolio : Soft And Blush


Portfolio : Soft and Blush | Assalamualaikum and hi to all my lovely readers. Ada ke tu? lol. It is about time I I update my post. I am sorry that it takes so much time for me to post in here. Well I am kinda a bit busy here and there with my work at AMC Enterprise. I also search an idea for a business plan that will come up soon. Insyaallah.

So let's start! Bismillah.

Last few weeks, I was busy designing a logo for a new small business owner. The name of the business is SOFT AND BLUSH. The owner is selling earring and necklace at affordable price. They sell jewelry items such as earring, necklace and soon to come product. I have already look at their Instagram and their items are all cute. So for those who likes to wear accessories like earring and necklace, you should check then out. woot woot

But as they are relatively new, so they don't update as much item yet. Soon there will be more products in their Instagram channels.  

So they requested to design a logo and a design for their packaging. They provide me with the sample of how they want their packaging to look like. Below is the mood board of the design :

1. The Moodboard

2. The Details

Below is the deuails of the moodboard above. here I include the name of the font used as well as the color code. I also include the source of ideas.
  1. Font : Memories & Vogue
  2. Color Code : #975d52 , #fde3c8 , #f8dbd3 , #dfb4a3 , #f14a6d
  3. Theme : Minimal Logo & Illustration Packaging
  4. Source : Pinterest

3. Final View

 Source : Softandblush

Thanks for giving me the picture of the final result. Lets help this small business owner and follow their updates especially to those who like fashion and accessories. They might come up with new project in future! 

If there anyone that is interested in hiring me, you can contact me and i will give the quotation. Who knows you might get discounts woot woot. lol



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