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Opening Digital Shop at Shopee

Opening Digital Shop at Shopee | Assalamualaikum and hi to all my lovely readers. How are you? Are you doing fine during this PKPB? I hope all of you are ding fine. Today all the states in Malaysia except for Perlis, Pahang and Kelantan are undergoing PKPB. Schools start to close. Most people are affected by this pandemic. May Allah ease everything for Us.

Remember that I said that I am going to share about something that I planned long ago. Today I will be sharing them. I planned this months ago. I was doubting myself because I am scared that I could not able to make sales. But Rizq will always be theirs to those who put efforts on it. So I gather all my courage and finally do it! Now I can finally reveal it. 

So, let's start. Bismillah

The thing that I want to share is .....  Yes. Yes I am now a seller at Shopee. Yeay!! I opened digital shop at Shopee. It was something that I want to do all my live. You know that I love art , digital art and so on. I always love to edit whether it is a blog, logo or even helping my family to do label sticker for them. I love all of that. Thus, this is quite a big decision for me. Phew..

I start from learning GIMP, photoshop and even paint tool sai. Now I am learning how to use Illustrator. It is fun to learn new things especially something that you passionate about. I also discovered that it is much easier to use Illustrator than Photoshop. But in terms of having more details in digital arts, I think Photoshop is more easy to handle. I have a lot to learn. 

As for shopee, the item that I am selling now are custom phone case and also sticker. Phone case is a preorder item which it takes about 7 - 14 days before it arrive to customer. As for sticker, it is a ready stock die cut sticker that I cut myself. I am a small business owner and I just start up my business so I am trying to cut as much as cost that I can while trying to give the best service that I can. 

Here are some items in my shop in case you want to buy it or even visit my shop :

Shop Here : Hijab Phone Case

If you want to pay a visit to my store, I would really appreciate it. If you follow me on shopee account, I would be more grateful as you can be the first to know when I update new sticker and phone case design. I also had make a twitter account for my business which is @sillymillyy_co. 

That's all for today. Thank you guys.



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