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Shopping at AMC Enterprsie

Online Shopping : AMC Enterprise | Have you heard of AMC Enterprise before? If you are from Pasir Puteh, Kelantan you might had heard this enterprise company before. AMC Enterprise is a computer company or a reseller for top brand products such as Canon, HP, EPSON and many more. AMC Enterprsie also provide services such as repairing laptop and printer. 

AMC Enterprise had open their store since long ago. But recently they had open an online store where their customer can buy their products online. The website is relatively new but they had start selling online. Customers can make payment online or through ATM machine. The customer also could pick up or walk in to their store in Pasir Puteh. They also have cash on delivery (COD) but only to selective area and selective products only. 

1. Featured Products 

AMC Enterprise has a section called featured products where they show their featured products to the customers. The featured products mainly consist of products that always search by the customers such as laptops, printers, monitors and others. 

2. How to order?

Below is the tutorial on how to buy online at AMC Enterprise:-

When you have successfully created an account in AMC Enterprise, you can buy as usual and buy as many as you want.

3. Payment Method

There is 2 types of payments which are:-

  1. ATM Machine deposits at your selective bank
  2. Online banking
    1. Maybank
    2. CIMB Bank
    3. Islamic Bank
    4. and many more

Payment can be made through online banking or ATM machine deposit. If the customers choose to pay with ATM machine deposit, the customers can upload their payment to the website. AMC Enterprise choose Billplz as their payment gateway. So, customers can rest assured that the payment they made is reliable and safe. 

4. Promotions 

They also has a sale running in their website. The sale is MERDEKA SALE. Where customers can buy the products at SA:LE price. The sale is a special deal and only for respective time only for selective items only. Other than that, AMC Enterprise also have website launching SALE where you can buy the selective item at price of RM 5 only. 


Finally, AMC Enterprise offers many product and a reliable reseller for brands such as Canon, HP, Brother, Epson and many more. Their products are affordable and the quality is good. Mostly the customers would buy laptops and ink cartridge for their printers. Thus, most of that items are easily sold out. Besides, they are many customers send their laptop or printers to be repaired at the store. The workers are also friendly and helpful to the customers especially if the customers need assistance during buying at the store.  

Start your shopping moment with AMC ENTERPRISE NOW!



  1. first time tahu pasal syarikat ini..
    senang kalau boleh order secara online..

    1. Hehehe. Sebab based dekat Kelantan. Dah lama ada cuma baru buat jualan online. Sebelum target market area berdekatan je


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