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Portfolio : Hannan Wahyu


Portfolio Hannan Wahyu | Assalamualaikum readers. How are you ? I hope you are doing okay during this MCO. The pandemic really takes toll on us. It affects much of our daily activities. Our freedom is also restricted. Hope we could face this pandemic together. By the way, I have finished my studies and will graduate next year September. Alhamdulillah. Now I work part time at AMC Enterprise. I do editing and marketing for my dad's online store. I will up a new post on that and feel free to read and visit the online store.  

Recently, I got a job to edit and design a blog. It was months since I last edit someone else blog. I feel honored to design the blog. It was an opportunity for me to get active back in designing and could sharpen my skills in editing and coding. I believe blogspot have change so much during my hiatus period. It got so chic and nicer interface. Kudos to them. However, a good changes takes time for people to understand. For people that already adapt and familiar with the editing code in the previous interface finds it hard to learn the new one. I also have a hard time to do coding as things got pretty complicated. It is not really complicated but it does take time to understand the flow. 

1. The preview

This time I got a job to edit and design Hannan Wahyu's Blog. She requested to requested to have a black and white theme for the blog. She also requested daisy flowers. She even draw herself how she want the blog to look like. The inspiration I got from her drawing and I decide to add a few colour scheme to make her blog look more alive and fresh. I also add some widget that she requested in her blog. I also include custom fonts to the blog to make the blog appear sweet and feminine. 

2. The mood board

  1. Font : Belove
  2. Color code : #F7EEE9 , #5A5858 , #EFE700
  3. Theme : Daisy
  4. Source : Dafont, Kababoom

Below is the before and after design process take place. 




So how is it? Does it looks okay? If any interested in hiring me a blog designer feel free to contact me at my social media. You can leave me a private message at Shy and Blush facebook page. Or you can contact me here. I have revise the price and the price is according to the sources that I have and also the time spent to edit the blog. I hope you guys can spread the news and  help me too. You also can hire me to design other than blogger. Just contact me and I will quote the price. Thank you guys. 



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