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Branding : New Look for Shy and Blush

Branding: New Look for Shy and Blush Design | Assalamualikum and hi readers. It has been a long time since i update this blog. Well I have problems with my domain and also other things going around that prevent me from updating the blog. In short, I AM BUSY. Lol. I was busy due to my studies as i am final year student. And FINALLY I have finished my studies. So I have a lot of times before start working. I also have done my internship in Wangsa Maju which I will later share on another post next time. Maybe with that post I can help some of students who might having problem searching for internship places.  

But first let us talk about my new look for the blog. Hahaha. What do you think ? Is it looking good? This what I did when I have time. Actually, I always wanted to change the look of this blog after I finished my studies. It is like relaunching your blog and brand again as my domain already own by other parties. I was so caught up with my studies until I forget to renew it. Hence it takes away by others. Hahaha. So for the time being I just going to use the blogspot and not domain. 

Beside is the overall look of my blog. I use templates from The Basic Page. I buy the template from Etsy. I buy this way back and reuse it again. This time I change a bit to suit my taste. This time the theme is more like garden and botanical with a bit of feminine color palate. I try to make it look simple but cute at the same time. I add some new widget so that the homepage blog would look like Wordpress blog. I also edit the pages of this blog to match with the theme. You can find the pages under the slider. The pages are THE SERVICES, THE PROCESS and THE PRICING. 

Before this there is potential client that contact me asking the price of design a logo. But unfortunately I forgot the pricing and I also cannot access my blog. So now there is a page where you can access and decide which pricing planning that you want. There is also the services pages where you can see the services that we offer according to stage. Then the process page is where you can step by step process that will happen when you choose my services.You can view it directly (click the navbar) to get the whole view of the pages.

This is the new design for the header and the official logo of Shy And Blush Design. As you can see there is flowers to compliment the botanical theme or garden theme. The /// icon to symbolize blush as our name is shy and blush. People use that as symbol of blush and shy reaction that they put on illustration or animation.The font that I use are Belove font.and Montserrat font. Belove font I get from You can find many kind of fonts there. 


All the illustration,  icon and pictures I get from some website where I will share them in another post. I hope that with that post it can help another graphic designer or freelance like me to gain ideas and inspiration to do remarkable work of art. I also will slowly share tutorials on how to edit blog to make it more interesting and appealing.  If there is anything that you want to ask, feel free to contact me through any medium that you like. 


  1. Hai thanks singgah blog kite, dah reply komen kat sana :D btw cantik blog ni tapi kan it's not mobile friendly ek? sbb kalau bukak dgn phone jadi ade part tkleh baca :O sorry kite bgthu incase awk xperasan hehe

    1. Haah agak tak friendly. Huhuhu. Takpelah nanti saya cuba tweak bagi friendly sikit.

  2. cantiknya design. Suka dengan sketch macam ni dan tema warna pastel. Nicelah!

  3. OMG unique gila this template. cantik and comel sgt. I like. followed you here!

  4. aaaa so cute blog. falling in love with this blog like 200% love 💕


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