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5 Tips in making beautiful blog

Assalamualaikum and hello readers :)

Uncover the Secret behind CikkMiraDotCom | Okay for today post , i'm going to revealing my blog design secret . There people asking me how i edit my blog like this .

Know Your Code

You dont messing with codes . You need to know your blog codes . I know some peoples scared to customize their blog because they scared they might be messing up with codes and the blog would appeared weird and stuff like that right ? That's why you need to know them first and be friends with the code first . Which part is CSS and which part is JAVA SCRIPT . How to handle it . Where to put it .How to edit it .  All of that is important . 


It is important which template that you choose to represent your blog . There are blogger template such as simple template, washed denim and so on . But the template that i choose and i prefer is denim template . Because for me , denim template is easy to customize but then it depends on that person . No matter what your blog template is as long as you know how to customize it then there is no problem with that . Right? Hehe . But for beginner i recommend you to use denim template . You can get denim template in google . Search it . You can download here Student kecik 's Blog . I used her freebies denim template as base code cause there is no original denim template available.

Theme color 

Theme color for your blog is important . Why ? Because different color give different mood to a blog . As you can see i use 3 different colors . I recommend you to pick maximum 2 or 3 different color. If there are too much color it would create a chaos to a blog as there is too much things going on there . There are generator scheme tools that you can refer to when you wanna choose color for your blog :-


You can choose the theme from the picture at  . This is the perfect web to choose your theme . You also can choose from palette , color , gradient , pictures and patterns . You can get inspiration by seeing these colors.

2. Colourlovers

COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world createcolors , palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles... All in the spirit of love.
The function is also the same as . The different is just that colourlovers provide more bright and fun colors . You also can edit the background or pattern using your own color by signing up with colourlovers .


3. Pictaculous

Did you ever like this one particular picture and you want to know the code , but you didn't know how? And that picture has a color theme that you want to use in your blog ? Don't worry . You just have to use Pictaculous as it will give you the code of the color by uploading the picture .



Who says font not important? Font is really important! If you choose the wrong font then say bye bye to your readers . Why? Because each of every section in your blog is meant for different font . You can just simply use the font that is not suitable for that section . For example post body section . It needs clear font such as open sans and Arial . You can choose other font but not handwriting type of font . Serif or sanserif font is suitable depends on how you wanna show your blog . The size of font must in theright size , not too small and not too big .

Open your mind

You need to open your mind. So you wanna say i'm not open my mind la ? No . Not like that darls . In designing blog you need inspiration . So you need to open up your mind a bit . I'm not saying that our Malaysian blogger is not creative but you also need to blogwalking to other blogs that is not Malaysian . Then you will get your inspiration . You can look up at pinterest . You can find a lot talented blogger that give design service . You can see how they arrange their blog . Although mostly use WordPress platform but you still can get the idea . That is one of my biggest secret actually

Lastly , practice makes perfect . Always do practice . When you customize your blog couples of time then it will be easy for you as you know all the things that you should know to make your blog stand out!

That's all darls . Hope this tips can help you . Any time sooner i will post about my resources . Then maybe it can help you more in designing your blog . Thank you .





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