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Shopback is now in Malaysia !

Hi readers! Who love online shopping here? Well this is good news for online shoppers in Malaysia because Shopback is now in Malaysia! Have you ever heard about before? If you've never heard, let me brief you a lil bit about Shopback.

Shopback is a company headquartered in the United States and basically one of the well-known e-commerce players. Unlike other online portals such as Groupon, Lazada and others, Shopback is the biggest affiliated platform in the e-commerce industry.

So what is the 'affliated platform'? Affliated platform here refers to the online portal that work with other online portals and gives you cashback! Or in other word, the only online portal that gives you cashback when you shop online.

Next, what is cashback? Well, it was a reward or money return from your spent through shopback. Basically, when you do your online shopping at one of affliated partners listed, Shopback will give you a refund (by percent indicated) as follows;

Let say, if the item you bought is RM100 and the respective online portal offers 5% cashback, you will receive refunds of RM5. Interesting right? So this is the beauty of online shopping in Shopback 

First in Malaysia! So, what are you waiting for? Earn 10 % cashback on Luxola and other online stores. Happy shopping and visit the website now!



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