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Free Online Logo : DesignEvo

Free Online Logo : DesignEvo | Assalamualaikum and hello readers. How is it going guys? Does your new year start off in good track? I hope it starts off well. I'm going to share with you guys something that really caught my eye. Something that is useful for you guys as a blogger and also for those who are selling off your product on Instagram. 


Do you guys ever heard of website called DesignEvo? Yes? No?  Actually this is my first time knowing about this website and I think this website is awesome so I'm going to share it with you guys. I know you want to know it too right. 

Okay let continue

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with over 3000 templates from any category that you can choose to create your very own professional unique logo. You can choose any templates that suit your niche of your blog as well as your business. Below is some of the templates that you can choose : 

The Features

  •  3000+ professionally designed templates. 

  • Over one million icons available to search through. 

  •  Hundreds of text fonts and shapes to choose from. 

  • Fully customizable and unlimited free downloads to your logos.

The above are some of the features that DesignEvo offered to its customers. And the best part is it is FREE. So if you guys in a really tight budget and does not afford to hire a designer to design your logo, you can design it yourself. Whether the logo is for your blog or your social media account like Facebook Fanpage or Instagram, you can just do it there. Plus, There no need to register an account but you can do it if you want to.

Although i said it is free but there are still other pricing that you can choose from. They provide other pricing that come with more add-on services such as more higher resolution, print ready and copyright ownership.


  • Fons and Icon

There are many type of fonts which is over than 100 stylish fonts that you can choose to build suitable brand or logo. There are also millions of professionally designed icons. There are bold, modern (sans), traditional (serif), handwriting and funny fonts. 

  • Fully customizable

You can customize the font and the icon at any size that you wanted. The templates or logo that they offered also can be customize according to your brand. You can show and express your limitless creativity. Up to the max. Creativity does not have any boundaries.


As i do not recommend something that i do not try yet. Therefore i tried to create my very own logo using DesignEvo for you to see and get some insight how it looks like.

So how do you think this logo guys? Do you love it? As you can see i start it from scratch actually because i want to try it to create it myself. You guys can choose from the templates available or create your very own from scratch like me. 

 So hop on to DesignEvo website and create your own logo now. 

If you guys have try it out,  leave the comment down below whether this website is helpful or not. For me i give 9/10 and i love it. Let's try it out. 



  1. menarik. nak cuba jugak :)

    1. Yup. menarik kan . Sila lah cuba :) Nanti update lah dekat mira best tak guna DesignEvo :)

  2. nice sharing.. ohya, salam kenal dari SIS HAWA .. 1st time dtg sini n follow :D

    1. Thank you singgah and follow. Salam kenal jugak :D


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